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November 13, 2003



Wow, what a huge amount of work. Sounds great though. I'd love to try those healthier bran muffins. Sure, they may be healthier, but they sure sound tasty.

We don't really have an oven in our place. Or rather, we have a two-burner-stove-with-fish-broiler (common here) and a combo microwave-toaster-oven. We've never used the oven, but I'm thinking about seeing what happens if we try. (or maybe I'll get a new microwave-toaster-oven combo and try THAT one).

BTW, some of your posts don't appear to have a category assigned.


Thanks, Michelle. I've fixed the categories. And really, the bunny wasn't that much work! Cooking is all about coordinating your efforts to get the most done at one time. While the stock's bubbling, you make salad. While the polenta bubbles, the rabbbit's in the oven.

Account Deleted

Nice blog ! Finally I came across such a info on recipe of dish I love to eat but never tried to cook by my self and rather ordering from restaurants but now i will surely try this in my kitchen.

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